Most of us thought that when we brought our printer we were done with all expenses related to printers. We were proven wrong when we started purchasing printer ink. All printer owners have a unanimous complain when it comes to printer ink. The complain is about the extensive cost of the ink. The on going cost of printer ink is something that has gotten everyone worried. So here we have put together some tips that may help you reduce the amount of printer ink you use and its cost.

1. Think Twice When It Comes To Colored Ink

We all know that colored ink is more expensive than normal black and white ink. In general, color cartridges cost more to run than monochrome (black). That is why you should save your colored cartridges for when you actually really need to print in color. For most office documents black and white ink is all that is needed. Most printers have the option to change the settings to black and white only. If you are printing something that should be black, tell your printer to print everything in black and white or gray-scale.  This will tell your printer to not worry about matching exact color and just use the black cartridge for your entire document.

Another thing to ask yourself is if you really need a color cartridge. Some inkjet printers are able to print black-only even if the color cartridge is out.  So ignore that message that your color cartridge is out of ink and let your printer just use black ink.

2. Plan Ahead

When you are out buying a printer, plan ahead as to what printer will benefit you. You can always shop for a printer that has a low cost per page. Sometimes it may appear that the printer is cheap upfront but with the add on costs (mostly of ink) it becomes more expensive than other high quality printers. You should take advantage of special features that may already be in your printer like the ‘draft mode’ feature in inkjet printers that significantly helps reduce printing cost. Your laser printer may have a feature called the toner saver feature that also serves to save toner.

3. Check Your Printer’s Software Or Settings

Most printers come with a user-friendly software interface that lets you access and tweak many of the printer’s functions. This should come in handy when you are finding means to save you cost. You can enable settings that allows you to print on both sides of the paper. This is where you will set your printer to use black ink. If you own a laser printer , you can reduce your output resolution through the settings and this can help save ink as well.

It all comes down to playing it smart. Always analyze what you need and what you can save. Do you really need to print all 5 pages? Do you really need this document to be colored? Assess your printer’s features and figure out what works best for you.

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