After purchasing a Canon Copier, you may want to benefit from its advanced scanning features. These features can help you save on printing and the environment. When you first have your Canon copier installed you may have this feature setup and installed for you, but a majority of customers are asked to pay for this feature. In our experience, we have seen a lot of photocopier companies charge high amounts of money for this service.

This document will explain how its done saving you money on unnecessary chargeable engineer callouts.

Setting up Scanning to a shared folder:

Firstly you will need to create a folder on your network or computer that you would like the documents sent to. The folder needs to be enabled to be shared, and the required users need to assess to it so that it will show up on the Canon copiers network screen.

One touch buttons are handy if you have only a few send keys activated.

• Click additional key (looks like a head with a star inside)

• Address book setting key

• One-touch buttons

• Select a number, e.g. 1

• Now select Register/edit

• Select file

• Please name the button

• Please call the one-touch name

• Select user, and enter user name

• Select password and enter password, this will need to be done twice

• At the top, please change protocol to WINDOWS (SMB)

• Now click browse at the bottom right

• Find the folder you created to be shared. You do this by selecting the appropriate name then clicking on down. For Example: usually, you will see your server name, click past this you will see a network folder and so on till your folder is displayed.

• Once this has been done select ok, then done till you are back on the main screen.

Now click the send key, and then click the one-touch button key, you should now see the button you created.

Setting up Scanning to an email address on a Canon Copier:

To do this, you must enter an SMTP address into the Canon Copier. Also, the Canon Copier must have a valid outgoing email address, please see your IT administrator for all this information.

This setting menu can be found under settings key:

• Network settings

• Click on the down symbol

• Click E-Mail/iFax

This page is where you enter your SMTP and out going email address.


A common issue that stops emails from leaving the Canon Copier is incorrect Default Gateway and DNS. Make sure your IT administrator has set these up correctly.

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